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About Us

Our aim is to provide a therapeutic and safe learning environment where pupils are able to fully explore their potential.

Our objectives include;

  • To promote attendance through a well-planned curriculum that recognises the individuality of the pupil

  • To monitor the pupil’s progress and re-evaluate their learning needs regularly

  • To provide a consistent and supportive environment through routine, discipline and praise; creating a safe positive teaching and learning environment.

  • To encourage re-engagement allowing pupils access to a balanced curriculum meeting individual needs

  • To embrace community involvement, facilitate social, moral create and intellectual development.

  • To encourage pupils to take ownership of their learning and to take responsibility, develop awareness and self-discipline to promote self-esteem

  • To develop pupils respect for themselves and others through a comprehensive PSHE programme, highlighting and understanding others religious beliefs, moral values.  Promoting equal opportunities and British Values.

  • High staff to pupil ratio

  • Placements for boys and girls aged 6 – 14

  • Strong links with local business to provide enhanced learning experiences

  • Access to an alternative timetable ensuring a child centred learning experience

  • Therapy rooms/nurture rooms for one to one intervention

  • Individual transition packages for attending school

  • Wide range of educational opportunities

  • Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

  • Tailored therapeutic programmes and strategies

  • A positive learning environment

  • A therapy dog

  • Initial assessments/baselines as part of the induction package

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