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Or staffing structure is available on our website or from our reception – printed on request.

All staff members at Mayfield House are extremely experienced and undertake an extensive training programme with us.  We pride ourselves on the level of professional development offered to our staff members. Our investment in our staff is to promote a high staff moral which reflects directly in their classroom learning.

Our outside specialists are specifically chosen to work with our pupils and their individual needs.  We employee the services of Speech and Language therapists, Occupational therapists, Ply and animal therapists and mindset coaches. 

And for day-to-day endeavours we employ the skills of Jose.

Who to contact

Any questions please contact the School Administration staff on : / 01257 511231

Any information regarding referrals please contact: / 01257 511231

Staffing Structure



Teaching Assistants


Vocational Staff

Site Manager

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