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Welcome to

Mayfield House


Mayfield House School is an Independent School for boys and girls
aged 6-14 years who have social, emotional and mental health needs
and or associated anxiety.
Our service enables students to:-
At Mayfield House, we look forward to welcoming you to the school.
Whatever the reason, for your visit we extend our warmest welcome
to you.
Our Pupils enjoy a positive educational experience. Children are
encouraged to access a full curriculum tailored to their individual
learning needs; creating a pathway to success.
Our aim is to engage children who have faced barriers to learning and
experienced a negative school experience. Providing a safe
environment where the children's needs are understood, allows our
pupils to rediscover their ability to learn and thrive.
Mayfield House provides day placements and is ideally located close
to Chorley town centre, with a number of facilities close by,
facilitating an enriched curriculum.
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